5 Mar 2015

Just Jane, sweetie pie

I finished  Jonothon and have moved straight on to Jane as she was supposed to be his sister.
I have to say I am absolutely enchanted by her little face.

I have kissed this little head a thousand times all ready.

I am spending the evening knitting for her. 
It's a satisfying and calming thing to do but also exciting
 because making doll clothes is almost instant gratification.
There isn't that much time between starting and finishing and for me that is ideal. 

I know this is a blurry picture, I am still getting the hang of my new camera lens but I just love that she is doing a quick little dance while no one is looking.

You will see more of Jane in the coming days.
I have some cute things planned for her and I know you will want to see.

Back to my knitting now.


  1. so lovely--she really seems alive to me--can't wait to see more, Jenny.


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