16 May 2009

This is for Eli


One day little Beth was sitting all on her own dreaming about her new home far away in Canada when a little lamb walked up looking for a cuddle and a cosy place to sit.


They said hello.

The lamb climbed up onto Beth's lap.


It was snuggly and safe


The last of the afternoon sunshine warmed them.

Happy together.

You can see more beautiful little sheep at Flutterby Patch.
Generous Eli designed this little one and is
sharing the pattern with all of us.
She is hoping to organise a woolly round the globe blog trot so if you make a sheep and you have a blog let Eli know and join in the fun.


  1. So sweet, Jenny! Now I know I must knit an Eli-lamb as well. :) They're irresistible!

  2. Dear Jenny,

    what a sweet couple! And I love Beth´s hair and wonder how you made it. It looks so pretty with the tiny curls!

    Sunny greetings from Sweden, where I am patiently crocheting new mohair wigs outside in our garden...


  3. Hi Meike, I can't wait to see your little lamb.

  4. Hi Juliane, Beth's hair is just a knitted cap using a mohair boucle. I knit it carefully to get all the curls on the outside of the cap. Simple but cute.


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