18 Feb 2007

Granny was Square

Found a treasure yesterday on a quick trip to the LCS (local charity shop). This beautifully made and abandoned granny square afghan.So I brought it home, washed it and let it dry in the sun to get rid of the mothball fragrance/pong.

It is truly a stash project using a variety of yarns, many are acrylic. Obviously the green was bought for the project to tie it all together. That's what I have always loved about these afghans; the way people put the colours together. Is it completely random or do they try out new combinations that they have dreamed of while knitting or that present themselves when all those glorious odd balls are put together.

I have mentioned before that my Granny was a great crocheter and made her share of granny squares. Granny was a slightly square person, yes she was old fashioned,she was very old but also she looked a bit square being quite short and pleasantly plump. The memory of her inspired my one and only full sized granny square afghan. I really enjoyed playing with all the colours. I enjoyed the portability of it and that it encouraged a lack of commitment. Rather like a magazine it was a series of discrete stories, enjoyable to read, a pleasure to look at and it's no bother if you are interrupted. But all those ends when you are finishing off. There must be a better way than darning them all in. Lynn at Molly Chicken seems to be dreading the prospect. My mum suggested" just cut them off" but that's her answer to everything. Any veteran crocheters out there with a better suggestion I would be grateful.

Perhaps one solution is the giant Granny square, but what do you do if you run out of a colour before you have finished the round, and ofcourse there are still some ends to deal with. This is another LCS find but this is a new one made for charity.

Anyway I am very pleased with my find and I think it will probably end up in the car. I have secretly always coveted those rugs on the back shelves of cars. Not that I would ever have admitted that when I was younger - so daggy, I would have said.

I'll leave you with the smallest granny afghan I have made. It's in 4ply ( baby wool) and is the perfect blanket for this tiny baby.


  1. I love the green afghan. What a lucky find.

  2. What a great find, I love those kind of blankets so much. But as you´ve said, I always shy away from making all those hundreds tiny squares just because of the threads. At the moment I am just finishing my big Granny square blanket which I´ve started last summer, it´s equal to yours and crochetting it was so quick, but now I still have to sew up enough threads to exhaust my patience.

  3. Beautiful!

    I have been collecting yarn to make a similar throw

    inspired by this one:


    I don't mind weaving in all the tails. I actually kind of like it.

  4. Wow! You always find great treasures! I am usually not as lucky! When I was a young teen my mother made a sweater/jacket for herself and me out of granny squares. I must say that they really looked nice. I wonder if they would be in style now??

  5. I keep finding these Granny Squares blankets all over blogland!... It seems to be a revival of crocheted blankets. The more I see them on different blogs, the more I look at my stash and think I might end up making one myself one day...

  6. What beautiful colors in those afghans! Really great finds.


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