10 Feb 2015


Today I have been making dolly heads. 
Each one slightly different  but all are for my Mabel dolls.

I have been trying to find the words to describe the various styles of dolls I make, the ones I will be making this year. I want to add descriptions or links to descriptions on my FAQ page.

 I looked back through my old blog entries and found this description of the Mabel dolls:
"... a slightly chubbier, snugglier doll. A little Kindergarten child full of  wonder and eagerness and fun and sudden tiredness when it all gets too much and she needs to climb up onto your lap for a cuddle and a snooze..."


That sounds pretty good, though when I say chubbier this style is still quite petite.
But those words do capture the essence of my Mabel dolls.
They do also  have sweet little knee dimples, sometimes elbow dimples, cute bottoms and sometimes they have ears.
 They are lots of fun to dress and I am developing lots of cute patterns for their clothes.
I want these Mabel dolls to be dressed like children, wearing things that they can play in or sleep in or cuddle in or wear to birthday parties or for a visit to the zoo or a farm or to visit Gran.

These dolls, mostly in the 18" size but some 15" and 23" as well, are going to be the focus of my work this year complimented by the range of Jammy dolls.
 I am still working on descriptions for the Jammies  to add to my FAQs page.
Stay tuned.


4 Responses to “Mabels”

  1. I am a kindy teacher. I have just spent the last 2 days with new kindy kids and you know I think your description fits beautifully. Gorgeous, beautiful dolls as always! You really do have a gift.

  2. Just visiting your blog makes me dream :) Your dolls are wonderful !

  3. These Mabel dolls are my favorite. They capture all you've described.

  4. Yes , I worked in a playgroup for years and Mabel and her friends are perfect . Maybe just a little cleaner than our lot were , though !


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