5 Jan 2015

I have just packed Christmas away for another year.
No photos  because it's early evening and because I was unChristmassing on my own while Stephen was engrossed in Grand Designs and Katie is off with a friend.

Nice to have the space back and tomorrow I will get out the bits and bobs that were put away early December and then we will be back to the usual decoration.

Since Louis moved out in early October and the rooms were reorganised we have been slowly getting used to the new arrangements and finding homes for everything.

The dollmaking workshop meant a temporary reshuffle and then Louis came home and Andy came home and we created a bedroom in the playroom.

Now we are just us three again, and with the Christmas tree and decorations put away we can enjoy the SPACE!

( pictures from our recent visit to Coles bay)

2 Responses to “unChristmassing”

  1. I really like your pictures. They reminds me of our trip to Australia many years ago. I wish you a fine and creative 2015. I am curious to see your creations.
    Bye Sandra

  2. I have just un-Christmassed, too - much as I love having the decorations up for those few weeks, it IS nice to get the space back to how it was, isn't it?


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