Peggy Joan

20 Jan 2015

Hmm, Peggy Joan. What can I tell you about Peggy?

Well she is very cute and super sweet.
She is a giggly, wriggly little girl.

She loves to hear you read her stories  but better than that she loves the stories that come out of your imagination, the ones that maybe have a little person in them called Peggy.

She doesn't like to have her hair brushed.
She knows sometimes you have to do it, like when you are going to visit Granny and she tries not to cry when you gently brush her pretty hair .

She is very proud of her pretty knees that don't have any bandages at the moment because she is getting better at running super fast and not getting tripped up.

She is super pleased with her stripy socks, knitted just the way she wanted them, knee high and not too tight. Well not tight at all because they keep rolling down.

If you would like this little one to come live with you email me at
This offer is open for 24 hours.
Please include your email address.

Peggy has found a home, thanks so much.


Peggy Joan, 14" tall , a little jammy tacker.

She is made from all natural fibers; cotton knit skin fabric, Tasmanian wool stuffing, her face is hand embroidered.
Her hair is a crocheted mohair wig that can be gently brushed and styled.

She is wearing a super cute sun suit with broderie anglais cap sleeves and a needle turn applique heart.  She has a polka dot ribbon in her hair and hand knit woollen socks and shoes.

Peggy Joan and her clothes are fully hand washable. This doll is not suitable for children aged 3 years or younger due to choking hazards.

Thanks so much for considering giving Peggy a home.
She was so much fun to make and just wait until you hold her, she is so full of energy and life she just  makes you giggle.

2 Responses to “Peggy Joan”

  1. So so beautiful. I look at her and I really wish I could give her a home. You're so talented, but it's not only the practical skills that make your dolls so beautiful, it's the love you put in making them.

  2. So sweet! Love the story:) christina gomez


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