new diary

1 Jan 2015

Quietly, quietly the new year arrived with just me, Stephen and the dog here to witness it though the dog was asleep so she perhaps doesn't count.

I have never been big on celebrating New Year's Eve but I do love waking to a brand new year.
 It means new diary, new calender, new notebook and all those fresh new days with a new number in them, 2015, that can be filled with so much living.

( my new diary, above, is from Rebound books in Melbourne)

3 Responses to “new diary”

  1. Happy New Year Jenny! I love the New Year too though like you I am not big on night-before celebrations.

  2. best wishes to you and all your family!
    this new diary was exactly made for you!

  3. I need to start journal writing again.
    I used to love that particular golden book. :) Christina


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