11 Jan 2015

Harriet, she wishes she was tall but she is only small

 Harriet wishes she could read but she has to make up her own stories.

Harriet wishes she had a home and family of her own and...
well that's where you come in.

Harriet is very ready to meet her new family.

Harriet is a 12" little jenny wren doll
She is made from all natural materials: cotton knit skin fabric, Tasmanian wool stuffing and hand embroidered face.
Her hair is a crocheted brushed mohair wig which can be brushed and styled.

She is wearing a woollen handknit swing top secured at the back with small wooden buttons.
The yarns used in the top are hand dyed using plant dyes except for the blue yarn which is an Italian commercial yarn.
Her pale blue polka dot bloomers are trimmed with a band and a French cotton braid.
She has hand knit woollen socks and shoes.

If you would like to give Harriet a home please email me at littlejennywrendolls@live.com.au and include your Paypal address.

She is $350USD plus $35 international shipping. Domestic shipping is free.

The offer will remain open for 24 hours and you will be notified by email if Harriet has chosen to come and live with you.
Very exciting!

Harriet has found a home.
Thank you so much.

3 Responses to “Harriet”

  1. Wishing Miss Harriet a lovely time with her new family.

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