Daisy, desperately seeking a home of her own.

4 Jan 2015

Daisy is more than ready to find her home 
and she doesn't care that I haven't finished knitting her cardigan.

I mean the poor girl has been hanging around forever.
She said NO, I don't want any other dress. I want this one!  
So for the first time I am sending a doll off to her new home in clothes that I didn't make, 
well a dress that I didn't make.
The dress is from  Nancy's Fancy Designs on etsy and is very well made and beautifully smocked and I think Daisy is right, it suits her perfectly

Daisy is right, it does suit her very well.
I am in the process of knitting her a cardigan to keep her warm should there be a little nuisance breeze about.
 I am knitting it in a fine 4ply yarn and it has a Fairisle yoke.
 I have used a mid blue about the colour of the paler flowers on her dress and the Fairisle pattern also contains the pretty green and some white and a little navy blue too.

Daisy is a little worried that you think she is a terribly serious girl when in fact she isn't it's just the way her face sits when she has to wait too long, like when she waits for me to finish things for her.
In fact she is a giggly little treasure like all curly headed children, 
all giggles until they need to brush their hair.
 Then there might be a few tears and shouts.

Daisy is one of my Mabel style dolls.
She is 18" tall and sits well and stands with support.
She has sweet little knees and bottom and belly button.

Her hair is Tibetan lambskin and has long and short curls.
Glorious hair it is in a mid brown and suitable for lots of different hairstyles.

We have already discussed her dress and her cardigan.
She also has classic cotton knickers trimmed with lace and hand knit shoes in the style of 
Clarks  T bar sandals.
She will have a second outfit, I will get to and make that before she heads off to her new home. 

Daisy is $670USD plus shipping $50 international shipping. 
There is free shipping within Australia

 If you would like to have Daisy join your happy home please email me at littlejennywrendolls@live.com.au
Please include your paypal address.
This offer will remain open for 24 hours.
I will notify you by email  if Daisy has chosen you.

Thank you so much for your interest and support.

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