Bermuda shorts

10 Jan 2015

One year for Christmas we all got Bermuda shorts.
I didn't know then that Bermuda was a country, the shorts were just longer and slimmer fitting than our usual shorts.

I don't really know how old I am in this picture, I am guessing 7 or 8, my sister , holding the cat, is three years younger, my brother three years older.

I love everything about this picture.
The fact that the cat, Binty,  looks like she is quite a nice pet when in fact she was a horrid scratching monster and no doubt ripped us to shreds moments after this picture was taken.
The fact that you can see the other houses in the street but as a child I was never really aware of this, being too short I guess and later everything in the garden had grown up
 and you couldn't see the other houses.

I love my hairstyle, even though I desperately wanted long hair and would wear a silk scarf like a gypsy to pretend my hair was long, and I love my slim tanned legs and arms ( kids at school thought I came from Hawaii or France, why I don't know, perhaps the most far away places they could think of). I love that my sister still has a little of her preschool baby chubbiness. I thought she was the dearest sweetest thing when she was little.
I love that my brother looks so peed off at having to have his photo taken with his little sisters.
From memory he had as little to do with us as possible when we were children.

I love that I can still remember that particular outfit and how the knot in the drawstring at the bottom of the tshirt got so tight it could never be undone, ever, and so my tshirt was always a bit tricky to get on and off.
I love that summers then lasted forever and if you have the right mindset now, 
summers still do last forever

2 Responses to “Bermuda shorts”

  1. I love this story of your childhood.
    Cheers Kate

  2. I love the picture!
    Childhood memories are the sweetest...
    Hugs from Brazil!


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