Ruby Joan

27 Dec 2014

Here is my last little doll for 2014.

It's been a busy year but just nicely busy.
I did a count up and I made 32 Jammy Kiss dolls and 36 regular dolls from 8" size up to 22".
Each and every one found a home so that makes me very happy.
I love being able to make dolls and I love being able to share my work with others.
I love that people want to have them in their homes.
That is all pretty special.

Anyway, this is Ruby Joan.
She is around 14" tall and a kind of riff on a Jammy Kiss that I have been wanting to try for quite a while. I just took the pattern and went where it took me.

So she has funny little skinny arms and legs, big jammy feet and a new kind of knee.
I think she is utterly enchanting.
I hope you do too.

I made her lovely wig using some organic plant dyed mohair.
It is so very soft and just loves to stick out, she just has that kind of hair, it won't be tamed.

Don't you love the colour?

 Her dress is a Liberty print edged with a cotton braid.
It makes a change to have a pop art kind of Liberty rather than the usual floral. 
Ruby Joan loves it and so do I.

Her bloomers are a soft cotton lawn pulled in at the hem using soft white ribbon with a hand stitched hem.
I have used an alpaca yarn for her boots and a hand spun local rustic woolen yarn for her jumper, secured with a wooden button. 
I have made her a simple ribbon for hair too from a Japanese cotton lawn.

She sits easily and she likes to stand leaning against a wall or shelf, that kind of thing.

I will be putting her in my Etsy shop soon so pop over there if you would like to give her a home.
Ruby Joan has found a home, thanks so much.
Ruby Joan, my last little doll for 2014.
♥ ♥ ♥

5 Responses to “Ruby Joan”

  1. I am Your fun.Your doll is ameizing.Happy New Year :)))

  2. Jenny, she is such a delightful handful, and I have always loved the name Ruby; it was my Mother's name :-)

    I hope that 2015 brings you joy and creativity and many, many more wonderful dolls to share with us.



  3. She's sweet! Jenny, I left you a message on Facebook wondering whether you were planning to teach another Waldorf class - you possibly didn't see it. Anyway, if you are, I'd love to treat myself - I've made a few "along the lines of....." but I'd love to make a "proper" one! Hoping..........Susie

  4. Lovely doll, Jenny and I love her hair colour! Wishing you lots of inspiration for the new year!
    All the best, Annasoer :)


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