Precious magic

8 Dec 2014

 Part one of a group of dolls I intended to begin in the New Year 
but couldn't resist making this doll today.
A simple doll with no wasted lines or seams.
A doll for a child to befriend and love.

An ode to sweet simplicity and
the precious magic of childhood.

I am imagining plain coloured homespuns and ginghams and corduroy.
Knitted hats and boots too.

Hello little one.
Nice to meet you at last.

6 Responses to “Precious magic”

  1. She has such a sweet innocence about her. Lovely!

  2. I love the sweet simplicity, and I am going to have to have one!!!

  3. She is absolutely lovely. Corduroy and gingham too?? Cant wait!


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