Doll Workshop

2 Dec 2014

This past weekend I opened my home to a group of six women eager to learn 
something of the art of dollmaking 
and also to spend time with like minded people indulging their passion for handmade dolls.

It's no small thing opening your home to a group of strangers, not just for an hour or two but for a whole weekend, especially for someone like me who is a little reclusive and sees  their home as their safe place and intensely personal place.

But it was OK, in fact it was fine. 
These women were very respectful of  my home and we had a great time learning together.

making a doll takes a lot of time and patience
learning new skills also takes time and patience
teaching takes time and patience

all were achieved with plenty of good humour and hard work,
and cups of tea and plenty of cakes and biscuits.

One Response to “Doll Workshop”

  1. It sounds wonderful Jenny and well done to those ladies who made lovely dolls.


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