settling in

24 Nov 2014

 Settling in once again to a new rhythm around here with Kate now finished her exams 
and mostly home with me. 

Nice to have someone round again  after Louis leaving six or seven weeks ago.
Hard to believe that we are so far through the year.

I have done almost nothing towards any kind of organisation for Christmas, have you?
It will just be so nice to all be together, even my sister will be home not long after Christmas if she can get a flight.

 And not that I am wishing my life away but I have been considering what I want to do next year with my dollmaking and based on the way I feel now these three sizes and styles of doll are the ones I want to concentrate on with occasional Jammy loveliness of all sizes  including my Gypsy dolls.
I want to make more doll clothes for my dolls too and maybe some special bits and pieces as well, the kinds of things I would have wanted when I was a little girl, 
things that appeal to the young and the young at heart. 
I still have my passion for knitted toys and maybe I will find the time to make more of these in the year ahead to share or maybe I will just make them and collect them for myself.

Hope your holiday and Christmas planning is going well.

4 Responses to “settling in”

  1. Hi Jenny - they are all so sweet. Life sounds peaceful with you just now, despite not having got Christmas sewn up yet. Do enjoy the build-up, and enjoy a stress-free Advent (I'm reminding myself to do that LOL!) x

  2. Aww, how cute is that little wee one? Glad you are enjoying these days - it is all frantic hectic end of school/kindy stuff around here. I am looking forward to the week before Christmas when we get a bit of a breather.

  3. Christmas plans? So far all I have arranged is that the extended family will be at our home for Christmas Day lunch....but I don't know how many are coming yet and I have not finalized a menu. But some how every year it all falls into place, then on Boxing day I fall into a heap on the couch with the cricket on tv in the background as I snooze! As always your dolls look lovely.

  4. Getting ready for Christmas too--I will have a houseful--will even have to pack my sewing room for use as a guest room! Your photos and dolls are gorgeous!


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