10 Nov 2014

We are at the pointy end of the year for Kate with art folios to be finished ( now complete) and exams to be studied for ( still happening). Grade 11 has to be the worst year as the stress of the unknown, TCE exams is combined with the stress of the results seeming to matter so much. We will all be glad when it's over.

Andy home for the weekend to our 'new' home, newly configured that is with no bedroom for him or his brother but the  pared down  almost empty playroom worked out well. The mattresses on the floor need a bit of improving I think  but in a pinch it was OK.

My new  work room, the sunroom is working out very well. It contains my stuff so we don't take over the house and it is my sanctuary, a little place that is just mine. I have only ever had a room of my own for 4 short years of my life while I was at Uni, and I loved it.

And Miss Daisy is slowly but surely coming to life and I love that too.

2 Responses to “happenings”

  1. Hi Jenny I tried to bid but couldn't Jo

    1. Hi Jo, do you mean on the auction for the baby doll? It hasn't started yet. It won't go live for another 18 hours


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