Edwina Florence Grace

10 Nov 2014

 What can I say, I am absolutely enchanted by this new little baby doll I have created.
She feels so nice to hold.
She is such a little bundle of love.
I am so happy with her sweet outfit,
happy with her little face and cute little body.

I kept the very first bubbie doll for myself and this one is for you.
What shall we call her, she seems to want to be an Edwina, so that's what it will be.
Edwina Florence Grace.

She is dressed from head to toe in handknit loveliness, all my own designs except for her little shoes which are a Winterludes design.. Her hair is a crocheted brushed mohair wig and she has soft cotton tricot skin and is stuffed with wonderful Tasmanian wool. 
Oh and she is only 8" tall.

She is not suitable for children aged 3 years or younger.

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