Vintage clothes for my vintage Ginny

16 Oct 2014

Some time ago I bought this little Ginny doll.
She is a doll from the era of my childhood but I wasn't aware of these dolls growing up.
The dolls I had were all made in England and one exotic girl from France, until I moved onto Fashion dolls of course and I guess they were made somewhere in Asia.

Anyway, I have had this little girl for some time and promised her clothes.
I have some republished patterns to fit Ginny dolls but somehow I never did get it done.

A week or two ago I spied this pattern on Etsy and the best thing about it I thought was that it was an Australian shop so shipping would be much cheaper.
When I looked closer at the listing I found that there were some extras with the pattern.

The original owner had cut out all but one of the outfits from gorgeous fabrics and then she just didn't get round to making them. 
I mean we have all done it. 
I have some doll clothes fabric pieces my mum cut out meaning to make for a school fair in the 60s and they were never finished.

Some of the fabric pieces  that came with the pattern have rust marks from the pins that had been keeping things in order since the mid 1960s but I really don't mind.
I think it is all wonderful.

I particularly love this little print.
I think Ginny likes it too.

The pattern was published in 1966.
I'm guessing the fabrics are from then and earlier. 
I mean doll clothes are the perfect way to use up scraps aren't they.

So maybe, if I get my act together, patient little Ginny will be naked no more.

2 Responses to “Vintage clothes for my vintage Ginny”

  1. What a great find!
    I bet she will have beautiful clothes very soon

  2. Please show us when you have sewn them, she going to be adorable in those little outfits. Blessings to you jen


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