Rupert, ready to go.

3 Oct 2014

Do you want to play soccer with me?

I have a ball and pretty good boots.

But the grass here is too long so I can't play properly.
Do you live near a park, do you have a good lawn where we can play?

Rupert is ready to look for a family of his own.

He is 18" tall and a Mabel style doll ( but don't tell him that, oh dear, he wouldn't like that)

He has a sturdy physique and is made from all natural materials, cotton knit skin fabric, Tasmanian wool stuffing and his face is hand embroidered.

Rupert's hair is combed alpaca locks carefully wefted and then crocheted into a wig.
It is washed but undyed, the colour is the natural alpaca fleece colour.

Rupe is wearing a handknit jumper made from two Shetland yarns and a baby wool, all fine sockweight yarns. His overalls are made from a fine corduroy, a scrap kept from overalls I made for one of my own little boys many years ago. I have used a republished 1930s doll clothes pattern to make them and they fit him so well. 

He also has hand knit socks and nice thick sturdy knitted boots.
He won't go anywhere without his soccer ball so I have made him one especially to take to his new home.

Because of the delicate nature of the alpaca hair and his more complicated clothes I would suggest that Rupert is most suited to an older child or adult collector.

Rupert is $670USD plus $25USD shipping in Australia, $60USD international shipping.

If you would like to have Rupert come live with you email me at Please include your Paypal address.
This offer remains open for 24 hours.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

3 Responses to “Rupert, ready to go.”

  1. What a handsome lad! Hope Rupert finds a loving home with a soccer loving brother to play with.


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