Professional Development

24 Sep 2014

Years ago in a bag of ratty old patterns and bits and pieces that I bought from the op shop I found two things that changed my doll making forever.
One was a thin flexible knitting needle gauge that I decided to use as a template for my doll eyes.
 A row of perfect little circles in varying sizes that I could use as a stencil to draw the eyes that would be embroidered on to my dolls.
 I still use it to this day.

The other thing was this sewing pattern that you see in these pictures.
A doll clothes pattern from the 1960s,
back when I was a little girl playing with dolls.
I had no idea such a thing existed and the fact that with very little adjustment these clothes could fit my dolls was a revelation. I think I have actually made all the styles shown on the pattern though I rarely use it any more as I mostly use patterns I have drafted myself.

So, I have set myself a little doll clothing challenge to make a whole lot of new patterns, things I haven't made before perhaps with techniques I haven't used much and make a whole wardrobe of clothes for an as yet unmade doll.

 I have a whole bunch of vintage patterns most of which I have never used and I think that is too bad, I have books with lots of clothing ideas that I look though but have never really studied and that's too bad as well.
 It's time to lift my game.
 I know even after all these years of sewing I can learn something new from most patterns,
 especially the vintage ones.
I will look upon it as Professional Development ( and lots of fun)

3 Responses to “Professional Development”

  1. Which size will you be making Jenny for your "collection" ...ooh sounds like French couture coming up!

    1. Hi Tanya, I think I will aim for making things to fit a 17" doll but who knows I might need to make a new size.. I am starting with some 1930s patterns that were re released a few years ago.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful plan, Jenny; I love doll clothing and doll pattern books as the best kind of eye candy :-)




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