23 Sep 2014


What can I say.
I love her.

We or should I say I, went round and round and round trying to make just the right outfit.
Something feminine but from a time when dresses were just always worn and didn't mean parties or church or saved for best.
They were just a comfortable easy thing to wear, like when I was a child.

Nothing too tight, nothing too long, nothing too prissy.

I think I got it right and now Odette is ready to find a home of her own. 
I have one more thing to knit for her but regardless of that 
her auction will go ahead tomorrow morning from 11am until 1pm AEST.

 You can check you time zone here.

And you can check out the auction here.

One Response to “Odette”

  1. Es una preciosidad tu muñeca , una obra de arte , felicidades por tu don.


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