26 Sep 2014


 I went out  in the early twilight and looked at my poor bedraggled garden and decided, as with life, it was best to focus on the pretty parts, the bits that  lift the spirits rather than drag you down.

Couldn't help making a mental note of what needs to be done and making a vague plan of how to achieve it. 
A list, a list - surely the job is half done if you manage to make a list.

We only have Louis for another two weeks then he flies off to Perth.
It is such a long way away and expensive airfares are a nuisance but I am planning visits already.
He has a house all sorted, his PhD kind of sorted, finances kind of sorted.
It's really exciting for him.


I bought a Patsy Ann doll yesterday from the lovely Cheryl in Braidwood.
This doll dates from the 1930s and my mum, who was born in 1931, had a Patsy doll when she was a girl. I can't wait for her to arrive.
I have for many years enjoyed an occasional read of this lovely site and just love the adorable clothes Debbie makes for her Patsy dolls and the gorgeous sets she uses for the pictures.
Just adorable.
I will definitely share my Patsy Ann when she arrives.

Time for my morning coffee in the sun before I start work for the day.
Hope you have a lovely day.


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