Diary of a Dollmaker

6 Sep 2014

September 6th

Didn't officially do any work today as it's Saturday but did a little knitting, one hat , one boot.

Thinking about which style dolls I should continue making, I seem to have a hundred different styles, well more than half a dozen and I think it would be better business wise to have just one or two or maybe three.

Definitely want to keep going with my Mabel dolls as the love affair is in its infancy and we have a long way to go.

Definitely want to keep making Jammy Gypsies because they seem to let me tap a different area of my creativity and I like that.

 I can't say goodbye to the Jammy Kisses either and I am happier now that they can be an occasional thing, when the mood strikes me.

Is that the right thing to do, just these three???

I go over and over this, drives me nuts.

If I concentrate mainly on the 17" Mabel dolls then I can publish some clothing patterns for them, knitting and maybe sewing. People will know what size my dolls are without having to ask which style. I guess that's what it used to be like. I basically just made my 12" doll and that was that with an occasional smaller doll and occasional bigger doll. There has been lots of experimenting since then, many patterns, many dolly love affairs.

Maybe I have made a decision...

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