After the weekend

29 Sep 2014

Almost the end of the month and the peach and plum  blossoms have done their thing, the leaves are coming, the blossoms are bedraggled and falling.

School holidays have begun, Kate is planning quite a bit of study because exams are not far away.

I finally made peace with the vegie garden yesterday and began clearing away the winter weeds.
I discovered a couple of very healthy silver beet plants that were home to a zillion snails, all sizes, quite a community.

Also made a Chocolate Ripple Cake which will be ready for tonight.
I am trying to think of some of Louis favourite foods to make before he goes and Chocolate Ripple cake was a birthday party favourite of his when he was little.

Spent a little time on the weekend with my Pinterest account trying to see exactly what my home decoration style is from the pictures I have pinned. First  I went through and made a new board of all the bedroom pictures I have pinned over the past couple of years.
 I think there is a theme happening. 
Can you see it?

Anyway, have a lovely week, 
the sun is shining here though there is rain around,
 must be springtime.

2 Responses to “After the weekend”

  1. Yes, weeding the vegie patch was also one of my weekend chores...I must have all the cousins of your snails in my backyard! Enjoy your week too, Jenny.

  2. Yep! I've been weeding our garden too! I finished last week and we actually got to put some seedlings in the ground over the weekend. I have given up on planting seeds. Have a great week!


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