Diary of a Dollmaker

4 Sep 2014

September 4th

Working on several dolls at once here that seems to suit the way I am thinking at the moment
I am scattered but not muddled, I just need to do a little here and a little there and it's working for me.
Like having three young children at home and being able to meet their needs and have some fun.
Not that I have three young children anymore and when did I get to be in my mid fifties.

Today is all about hair I think, making a wig, stitching some wigs on, and a little dressmaking, oh and the inevitable trip to the Post Office.
Oh and the auction, gah auctions, always interesting, sometimes heart breaking , sometimes OK, sometimes magnificent.
 I wonder what it would be like to always have huge auctions, I wonder how that happens?

One Response to “Diary of a Dollmaker”

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. Found it by accident when looking for my favourite chocolate pudding, the one from Cookery the Australian Way. My book is still packed away and although I usually wing it I had to get it right as I needed to take a big quantity to the family dinners!
    Love what your doing, love vintage, love creativity!


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