Merri, looking for some warm weather.

13 Aug 2014

 Merri is so tired of winter 

and when it is so sunny outside 

she thinks it must be warm enough  for knickers and shoes and a run in the garden

 But it's not
the birdbath is frozen
the cats are all inside by the fire
and the dog is sleeping in the sunshine on the sofa.

so she will dream instead of warm days,
sunshiny long days meant for exploring and swimming and eating ice cream

Maybe those days are not too far away

 Merri is ready to find her own family to live with and play with.

If you would like Merri to live with you send me an email at and please include your Paypal address.

She is 18" tall, my Mabel My Dear style doll.
She has organic cotton knit skin fabric and is stuffed with Tasmanian wool.
Her hair is British Teeswater locks hooked into a knitted cap.

She is wearing a sunshiny cotton summer dress of Atsuko Matsuyama fabric, hand knit mary janes with ladybird buttons and a shawl to keep the chills away knitted from a gorgeous Cormo and Mohair hand spun  and hand dyed yarn from the USA.

$670USD plus shipping $50 international and $30 in Australia.

Merri is not suitable for children aged three years or younger and with her delicate hair would best suit an older child or adult collector.

This offer will remain open for 24 hours and Merri's new family will be contacted by email.

Thanks so much
I can't wait to find out where Merri will live.

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