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31 Aug 2014

Last weekend I ran a dollmaking workshop in Hobart 
and I was joined by six lovely ladies who each made themselves a doll. 

In the process of preparing for the workshop I made a doll as an example of the pattern we were using and through the course of the weekend I made  another doll  as I demonstrated the various steps involved.

The result was Maddie and Sossie.
Both created in a flurry of eager creativity surrounded by women pouring their heart and soul into their work, they are full of energy and happiness.

I would love these two girls to find homes.
They are a little bit tricky, a bit naughty and very good at dreaming up incredible schemes.
They are not suitable for children aged 3 years or younger.

If you would like to give Maddie or Sossie a home 
then please email me at
 and make me an offer.

All offers are very welcome
If two people offer the same price the first offer I received will have priority.
You can change your offer but only for a higher one.
The person with the highest offer will be able to buy the doll for that price plus shipping costs.
Please include your Paypal address with your offer.
You can make an offer for either or both dolls.

This sale will remain open until 9am Wednesday 3rd September AEST (Tasmanian time)

Maddie and Sossie are 16 " dolls made from all natural materials, cotton knit skin fabric, wool stuffing, embroidered faces.

Their hair is made from  wefted mohair goat's hair.
They are dressed in cotton clothes and  knitted shoes made from hand dyed woollen yarns.

Maddie has a scarf ( the same colour as her shoes and not shown in these pictures) and Sossie has a hat.





One Response to “Make Me An Offer”

  1. Adorable! How wonderful to live with these sweet treasures gracing your shelves, seats, baskets and carriages! You work magic with your talent and imagination and I can only dream of sewing for them and creating precious outfits to keep them warm and cozy. I just found your blog and am hooked by these darling dolls. I wish I were closer to attend one of your workshops but will admire these treats from afar.


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