Sunday in the garden

27 Jul 2014

I spent some time in the garden today, weeding no less.
We have had some sunny still days, my goodness yesterday it was almost hot in the sun shine.
I couldn't resist any longer and got to work tidying up the front garden starting on the bed that you see from the front window so I can see and admire my hard work.

This is Phoebe the cat not trying to look evil but actually smiling and purring. 
She's old, 15 years this September. 
She is the sweetest gentlest old girl and for some reason loves to sleep outside through the day on this ratty old cane chair.

Since the duck no longer free ranges in the garden and has her own pond in the chook run we have put some new goldfish in the pond to help control the mosquito population in the summertime.
 Charlie the duck it seems likes to eat fish and whenever we have stocked the pond before she has always enjoyed several fish dinners.

This week is Katie's birthday and the School Ball, a very big week for my girl.
I haven't organised any gifts yet and I have to come up with some food ideas as well.
I can't believe my little girl will be 17, crazy business.

I didn't take any pictures of my labours in the front garden, I bolted inside for a cuppa instead.
Here are some pictures of the very hardy Japanese flowering quince near the back fence instead.

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  1. Lovely post, Jenny :) Lovely cat too! Congratulations and enjoy your daughter's birthday xx


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