11 Jul 2014

Romey loves to ride her tricycle and help her mum.

At the moment she doesn't have a tricycle because the wheel fell off, she is hoping her new family does have one but she will be happy with a  a wagon or even a puppy to run with.

Romey started out as a sketch, you can see her here

 And now Romey is looking for her very own home.
Be warned though, Romey has very definite ideas about Romey clothes. She will wear a dress but she won't wear a tizzy dress, no frills, no lace and  she needs to be able to run in it.

At the moment she is wearing a pair of comfy denim jeans that can be rolled up to be shorts. She has a pretty floral t shirt and her most prized green hand knit jumper. It's just the way she wanted it to be, nice and long and loose and comfy and green!!
She loves the flower applique and the little ladybird button in the centre.

She also has pretty pink stripey socks and soft comfy hand knit mary jane shoes.

Romey wanted her hair cut into a bob but it's still long enough to put into pigtails or a ponytail and can be styled any way she wants. 
( It's a handmade goat hair wig and it's securely stitched in place.)

If you think Romey is the girl for you and you would like to give her a home please email me at littlejennywrendolls@live.com.au and don't forget to include your Paypal address.

She is 17" tall and made from the Mabel My Dear pattern like Clover and Mabel.
She is $585USD plus shipping.
She is not suitable for children aged 3 years and younger.

This offer will remain open for 24 hours and Romey's new family will receive an email and paypal invoice.

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