Romey loves green

10 Jul 2014

Some sunshine here this morning and Miss Romey is enjoying it. 

It's a cool sunshine though, not much warmth, good woollie jumper weather.

It is just so wet and soggy outside and the house is strewn with washing in various stages of airing, trying to get wet washing dry in the depths of winter is a lengthy process.

But none of this is important to a little doll waiting to find out where she is going to live.
Today I will finish off her clothes
 and tomorrow she will be ready to ask you all to consider giving her a home.

She does love just about everything that is green, 
she loves riding her tricycle 
and she loves helping.

And she is super exciting to think that it is finally her turn to find a home.

2 Responses to “Romey loves green”

  1. Yes, green is my favourite colour too (wearing my favourite green cardy today too) Hope Miss Romey finds a lovely warm welcoming home soon.

  2. Blimey she looks a bit like me but much prettier, I love green too it's my favourite colour.


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