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8 Jul 2014

McCalls 7441, Helen Lee pattern

My taste in children's clothes, and therefore doll's clothes because I like to dress my dolls the way I dressed my children, tends towards the unfussy.
I'm not a frilly kind of person and perhaps it started when I was a child because mum dressed us in beautiful unfussy clothes mostly made by her and mostly with understated trimmings.

Here are some of the patterns from my childhood,each and every one I think would be perfect for doll clothes

Simplicity 5479

Home journal 9081

Simplicity  2483

Butterick 2927

Simplicity  5335

Butterick  2676

Butterick 4747

Butterick 3022

Butterick 3415

Weigels 2374

McCall's 7955 Helen Lee pattern from 1965

3 Responses to “my style”

  1. Great memories....I think my Mum owned many of those patterns. I clearly remember my Mum making me a beach dress from terry toweling with a zipper up the front and a big ring at the top of the zip!

    1. Ha ha, my sister and I both had dresses like that but our auntie made them for us not mum.

  2. Love those styles and the pattern prices.


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