14 Jul 2014

We are half way through school holidays here and mid semester break has just finished
so the one child who is still at school went to Hobart to spend the weekend 
with the child who was returning to Uni .
 Imagine a time not very far off when life no longer revolves around school term times. 
I have always disliked my life being organised by school.

While the house was still and quiet, Maisie arrived.

Stephen says she looks like she has a secret that she can't wait to share.

She surely is a bit cheeky and cute.
I believe she about three and a half years old, very chatty and questiony and giggly and suddenly very tired.

Bed hair that can't be tamed is also her speciality 
and choosing her own outfits is her hobby.

Right now she is wearing some old baby clothes she found in the dress up box.
We need to get to know each other a little better before we find her some clothes of her own.

( Maisie is a ready to go doll, she will be available some time in the next week or so)

2 Responses to “Maisie”

  1. I love her hair, and I think Stephen is right, she looks fit to burst with a super secret she wants to share.
    A woman after my own heart Jenny, I too dislike having to live to school times.
    cheers Kate

  2. I think she is the cutes of all of them!! So sweet. Such a personality. I know she will find just the right home.


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