Maisie gets dressed

17 Jul 2014

So Maisie's journey from idea to reality is at an end. 
She is all ready to find a home of her own.

Maisie is the fourth doll made from my Mabel My Dear pattern  
and I am enjoying the dinky dumpling shape of these little ones.
I am finding the 17" size and slightly more sturdy proportions of a younger child that these dolls have are lots of fun to dress and pose.

With Maisie though I have very much gone back to basics and the simplicity of soft fuzzy mohair yarn hair.
This is the traditional material used for Waldorf dolls and gives a charmed fuzzy bed hair look that is so right for a doll representing the preschool aged child.

Maisie will be available here on the blog in the next couple of days.
There are more pictures over here 
Be warned she is a bit of rascal and that sweet face and  pretty dress
 are part of a little miss who will keep you on your toes.
 But that's part of the fun isn't it.

4 Responses to “Maisie gets dressed”

  1. Yet another heart grabber. I do think that she has your sweet/yet impish expression (my take on your photo).

    1. You may be right Vera. She reminds me a lot of my grannie.

  2. She is so sweet. I want to pinch her adorable chubby cheeks!

    1. thank you Lindsey, they are very pinchable.


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