Julian, playing in the garden

24 Jul 2014

You all know Julian.
He is that gorgeous little huggable boy who loves to be outside 
almost as much as he loves to have a cuddle.

He is always busy and the cold Tasmanian winter has made his cheeks pink and his toes a little cold unless he is wearing his big socks and boots.

Julian is the first boy doll I have made using the Mabel My Dear pattern, MkII as I have made a few little changes which has meant that he is also a little taller than usual, 18".

Julian has cotton knit skin, Tasmanian wool stuffing, hand embroidered face and his hair is a wig made from alpaca wefts made by me.

He is wearing a hand knit Aran style jumper ( sweater) made from a New Zealand undyed organic yarn. It is meltingly soft and secured at the neck with three wooden buttons.
He will have a tshirt as well to wear under his jumper.

His trousers are a lovely soft cotton baby corduroy with an elastic waist.
His socks are purchased baby socks and his boots are hand knit in a hand dyed  handspun woollen yarn.

Julian is suitable for adult collectors and older children. 
He is not recommended  for children aged 5 years or younger.

 He will be auctioned in the morning.
Here is the link
You can check your timezone here 

Thank you so much for taking wee Julian into your hearts.

3 Responses to “Julian, playing in the garden”

  1. I'm partial to little boys, having had two of them . . . Julian is just right! Reminds me of sweet times with me oldest! :)

  2. Jenny, he is perfect don't know how but each one has so much character ,his hair suits him and so much work in that little jumper.wonderful to see how much love goes into their making.

  3. Have you ever thought of assembling a small cast of your gorgeous dolls, playing out a story, photographing it all like you have in this post then publishing it as a children's book?
    How beautiful would that be?


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