Georgia Faye, ready to find her home

6 Jul 2014

 Georgia Faye has been a joy to create and get to know.

She has a classic little jenny wren face don't you think,
 the face you think of when someone says little jenny wren dolls.

So, she is the first 14" doll made from this new pattern and I like it very much
There is a sturdiness to her little body that I love.

And do you know she can almost stand alone which is clever.

I bought these gorgeous baby mohair locks from a lady In Queensland, they are so beautiful and silky soft and have these determined ringlets that make just the sweetest hair. The locks are hooked into a knitted cap and you can gently style her hair. Only suitable for older children or adults though, I think there would be felting of the hair if there was too many  hairdresser games.

Georgia is wearing a soft cotton dress edged with ric rac,
quilters seeded muslin bloomers,
cotton knit stripey socks, 
a hand knit woollen collar
and shoes... to be determined... knit or felt... brown, red or maybe pink like her collar.
We can all decide together.

Georgia Faye is ready to find her own home and live her life's adventures.

If you would like to give her a home please email me at
The price is $375USD plus shipping $20 in Australia, $35 international.
Please include your Paypal address for invoicing.
She is not suitable for children aged 3 years or younger 
and would best suit an older gentle child or adult collector.

Georgia's new family will be notified in 24 hours time with an email and paypal invoice.

Georgia Faye has found her home.
Thank you so much to everyone who offered.

3 Responses to “Georgia Faye, ready to find her home”

  1. I think Georgia Faye would LOVE to live with Grandma Jan, and some of her LJW cousins!

    1. Hi Jan, can you send me an email if you want to go into the draw for Georgia. My email address is Thanks, Georgia wouldn't like you to miss out.

  2. cute baby doll! I followed you over here from the meanqueen blog on the scrap store. We have one near us. They have all kinds of dibs and dabs just like Ilona's shop! Have a great day! :)


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