28 Jun 2014

For the past month or so I have been working on Margot. 
Not everyday and sometimes not for days at a time but we have been slowly moving towards the day she finds her home.

Now Margot is a nurturing soul, always looking for someone to care for. 
She brings out the best in people and shows them how wonderful they truly are. 
I will miss her when she has gone but  it her time to fly the nest.

Margot is a Jammy Gypsy doll, a creative original.
 She stands around 20" tall and has big feet perfect for big boots. 
She has a Kidassia goat hair wig which can be combed and styled.  

Margot is wearing a soft linen dress with mother of pearl buttons and linen striped bloomers.
 Her pinnie is a faded rose pattern lined with gingham.
 Her wonderful boots are cotton velvet lined with the fabrics of her pinnie 
and to keep her head warm she has a woollen knitted hat embellished with her favourite pink ribbon.

She has her own little doll, a calico girlie dressed in gingham, trimmed with bobbles and all tied up with more of that pink ribbon, even her hair is ribbon.

Margot is best suited to a child aged 6 years or older or to an adult collector.
She is not suitable for children aged three years or younger.

If you would like to give Margot and her girlie a home please send a message to
The cost is $725USD plus shipping $20 in Australia, $50 international

I will contact you by email tomorrow at around this time if Margot has chosen you to be her family.

Thank you so much for your interest, we are both excited to find out where she will be living and what adventures she will have.

2 Responses to “Margot”

  1. Jenny, you are such an artist. Margot has a soul of kindness straight from you.




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