28 Jun 2014


Those of you who have been reading my blog for a few seasons might remember that June is all about boy birthdays and the celebrations that go with them.


My boys are no longer little but as we all know, 
birthdays are important and fun and special no matter what your age. 
So this year there was a 25th, a 22nd and a 54th and all were celebrated in style and with plenty of gifts and good food and wine.


Boys, men, are so difficult to buy presents for but everyone seemed to need some new clothes and books and chocolates so I went with that.  
We tend not to buy much apart from at birthdays and Christmas so I have no problem with indulging my special people on their special day.


Now, the days are clear for a month before the girl birthdays begin.
 For me July is shaping up to be a time of new goals and priorities. 
Nothing I particularly need to share but things that have been taking shape over the past months.

The pictures are from Stephen's birthday.
 Andy is missing, he was in Hobart.


2 Responses to “June”

  1. Hi Jenny!
    You're so sensible about gifts. The birthday celebrations sound just perfect! I wonder what you are up to in July.

  2. What a great card for Stephen! All the best for the year ahead to "the other" Mr Marshall. :)


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