the truth

26 May 2014

I know Sunday is traditionally a day of rest but for me and I think for many others the best Sunday is when the evening comes and I know I am well organised for the week ahead.  
Those times when I have spent a happy weekend with my family and somehow we have managed to have the house tidy, the washing has been done, maybe some gardening too, a good meal cooked, a warm fire burning and the unfinished business of the week before has been forgotten, those are the best. 
Lists can be made for the fresh new week ahead and anything seems possible from the contented atmosphere of a Sunday evening.

Now Monday morning is a different deal
Monday morning when you work from home is a combination of bliss and panic.
 Bliss that you don't have to get dressed and go off to work and maybe deal with the fallout of someone else's bad weekend or a grumpy boss. 
Panic because that gorgeous list you wrote the night before now has to be dealt with, the tasks you thought infinitely doable when you were blissed out on a glass of red wine and a full tummy seem ridiculously complicated and a new more achievable list has to be written this time fueled by coffee and the cold hard light of Monday morning.

Ah well, onward and upward.

2 Responses to “the truth ”

  1. yep Jenny, amazing how different the view can be on a Monday morning.

    cheers Kate

  2. Laughed so much when I read this. Thank you. I needed that laugh today.


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