Partners and friends

24 May 2014

So many times I don't write a blog post because I don't have any pictures. 
I mean what is a blog without pictures, a little boring let's be honest.

So today I have a picture of two little friends hugging 
and that's pretty cute.
It's also perhaps the perfect picture for my ramblings here today.

I have just realised that it is 8 years since I started this blog and for me so much has changed.
I work full time as a dollmaker, a working artist, I dream something, I create it, I sell it.
I don't get grants from anyone, my work is not shown in art galleries or craft galleries.
I do it all from the ground up, every task involved and I make a small living from it.
That is pretty cool really.

I rely completely on my loyal customers and fans, some who have followed me for many years and seen my work develop and change  and grow. 
Not many people can really understand what it is like building a business like this from scratch but those of you who have been here from the beginning might have an inkling.

I am so grateful that there are people who love my work and want to buy my work.
I guess I always have a fear deep inside that one day people will stop buying and I have to be honest with you part of the fun for me of making dolls is being able to sell them. I love being able to make whatever I like and then finding someone else loves it enough to spend their money on it.

So I guess that confirms that we are on this journey together,
 the maker and the buyer.
I have to trust that there will be a home for what I make and you have to trust that what I make is worth having for the price that I ask.

I have to keep growing and investing my time in my work. I need you to be my audience, to give validity to my creativity, I have no choice but to share what I make, the sharing gives me so much joy and your response feeds my soul and feeds my creativity.

Partners and friends.
Thanks guys.

2 Responses to “Partners and friends”

  1. These are just the cutest little munchkins!

  2. I look forwad to each post.. as someone who made dolls for my grown babies and now my grandbabies you give me encouragement to share my love of creating more readily. Thank you for sharing your beauty.


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