Pansie Petal

8 May 2014

Pansie Petal is  available in my shop right now
She is a surprise doll. She surprised me by being a much more petite doll than 
I expected from the pattern I used. 
So she is kind of spritely and elf like.
She seemed to need the softness and warmth of woollen clothes because I think she is a hardy soul who doesn't realise when she might be cold so a warm hat and boots will protect her and keep her safe while she is off on her adventures.
She needs lots of freedom for arms and legs though because  I think she may be a tree elf, climbing high up in the branches to watch the world go by.
Pansie is of course made from all natural materials, cotton knit skin fabric , Tasmanian wool stuffing and organic hand dyed brushed mohair wig.
Her clothes are all hand knit wool or wool/angora/silk mix
Her clothes fasten with crocheted ties.
the doll and her clothes are fully handwashable.

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