Mabel my dear

14 May 2014

Mabel my dear, could you pop down to the shop to buy some milk for tea. I am very busy getting baby George to bed for his nap and Gran will be here soon for afternoon tea.

Yes Mummy.

Are you sure you know where to go?

Of course Mummy , I'm not a baby!

Well remember, straight to the shop, no stopping to talk to the smokey grey cat on the corner or the handsome puppy down the lane.

Yes Mummy.

The basket and the money are on the table. Bye bye love

Yes Mummy.
Bye bye Mummy.

Mabel felt very grown up with her basket and money and her new dress.
It was a sunny day and all the birds were singing, the smokey grey cat was out sunning himself on the footpath.

Hello sweet kitty. 
Of course I would love to pat you and scratch you under the chin but I am going to the shop to get some milk for tea. 
You would like some milk wouldn't you. 
You are a sweetie.

Oh all right, just one cuddle.

Mabel couldn't see the dog down the lane so she had a skipping competition with herself and skipped down the street to the shop. 
The basket bounced around and her hair flipped and flopped like it was skipping too
She was rather out of breathe when she arrived but she pushed open the squeaky door and stepped in boldly. She remembered where the fridges were and walked quickly over to get a bottle of milk. 

She wondered if she would have money for a sweet or two but she didn't even have enough for the milk, she must have dropped it along the way when she was skipping. 
Oh dear Mabel!

Mabel couldn't skip on the way home she was just too sad. 
When she walked past the lane she could see the puppy and she waved  to say hello. 
Such a lovely boy, such a smiley dog and very clever, he understood everything Mabel said to him.
 'I have been to the shop, pretty boy, but I lost my money and couldn't buy the milk for tea.'

Back up the street and home just as Grannie's car arrived.
Mabel told her the sorry tale and dear Grannie drove her back to the shop and bought some milk.

Mabel my dear, said Mummy, you have had quite a time.
Perhaps you should sit quietly and read your book . Grannie and I will have a cup of tea and you can have a cup of warm cinnamon milk and  a coconut biscuit.
Mabel thought that was a very good idea

( Mabel will be available on the blog very soon, in a day or two)

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  1. Jenny, I LOVE her!!! She is gorgeous and her dress is adorable.


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