Mabel has found a new family.

16 May 2014

Somewhere along the way my 17" My Big Dolly pattern became closer to 16" and the size suited the style, her long legs and petite body were just fine but I still wanted to make a 17" doll similar in proportions to the big dolls I used to make way back when and so I got out my pad of paper and my cardboard sheets and drew a new pattern, a little thicker in the trunk, body and arms and somewhat different proportions.

This new style, this more kindergarten shaped person I have called Mabel My Dear and the very first doll from this pattern is in fact Mabel.
I have to say my inspiration for this style of doll is the work of Mabel Lucie Attwell and
her beautiful depictions of the life of children in her illustrations

Mable is of course made from the finest quality materials; cotton tricot skin fabric, Tasmanian wool stuffing, hand embroidered face.

Her hair is a hand made wig of yaks hair and the crocheted wig is stitched carefully to her head.

She had cute little knee dimples, a sweet bottom and a belly button.

Her dress is a Liberty tana lawn trimmed with cotton ricrac and buttoned up the back with mother of pearl buttons. She will also have a warm woollen cardigan which is just being knitted now.
She has white cotton socks and hand knit brown woollen mary jane shoes.

Mabel is not recommended for children aged 3 years or younger.

You can see more of Mabel here

Mabel is squealing with delight because she has found a most perfect family.
Thanks so much to everyone who offered their home to this dear little one.

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