the key to fairyland

7 Apr 2014

When I was a little girl a most magical thing happened, a box of hand me down goodies came into our house from a person with the surname Jones. 
I know the name because, impressively, they must have a name stamp made and it had been stamped in all the books in the box.
As far as I remember there were shoes and books but there may have been clothes too.
I remember the shoes, bewitchingly pointy toed shoes that I loved though I think mum hated them.
 I have them on in the picture below.

me with my head down being teased by my cousin , my little sister is sitting on the grass, 1963
me with my head down being teased by my cousin and my little sister is sitting on the grass, 1963

Two of my very favourite books from the box were Bunny Fluffs Moving Day which I adored and the most loved book of all...The Magic Key. 
 It's from a book company called  Jolly Books, an English company I am guessing.
 I have one or two others of theirs and all of them are in a bad state of repair so perhaps they all came from the Jones family.

Anyway The Magic Key is all about a boy and girl, Tommy and Mary Lou, who find the key to fairyland.
 It's a richly coloured book and the pictures drew me in long before I could read.
 I'll share some of the pictures with you

There wasn't that lovely.

Now this poor old battered book lives with me of course but before it came here I am pretty sure my mum read it to all her grandchildren when they went to visit or sleep the night.
 Along with The Happy Book with the story about Butterballs Sweet Shop, and Twilight Tales featuring Mrs Hen's Red Hat and The Big Noise at Half Past Three, all of which could make the saddest day happy, The Magic Key is such a part of my childhood that I can still feel the emotions that I felt when listening to mum read those stories and I have read them all to my children..

Once when Katie or Andy was at mum's, I can't remember which child it was but they found an old key. Without missing a beat mum told them it was the Key to fairyland and let them bring it home.
 I put it on a long ribbon so they could wear it round their neck when they went on adventures in the garden. That key has been on many adventures and had been lost or should I say almost lost so many times but always found, like magic.

I just went to get the key, it hangs on a peg near the kitchen fire, I haven't touched it for years and the strangest thing is there are now two keys.
 I know,
 I can hear you saying,
 it must be magic!

3 Responses to “the key to fairyland”

  1. This was so enlightening to read. I loved it. Made me think of times at my Grandma's house and the books and magic that seemed to be there.

  2. Oh that is the cutest and most enchanting story!!! Love the pictures... very inspirational! Esp. the toadstool and children pic ;p

    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}

  3. What a lovely blog post to read. I recently acquired this book The Magic Key. I have been looking online for it's worth/value and only found one recently sold on eBay and a couple stories similar to yours! Seems like it was very popular and a rare find - got goosebumps reading your story! Thanks for sharing.


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