long weekend

7 Apr 2014

It's been a long weekend here,
 one hour longer in fact with the end of daylight savings
and a brief respite from waking in the early morning darkness.
For a little while at least it will be light at my getting up time but the days will draw in quickly 
and the cosy weather will be here.

It's been a long weekend too because I have spent a lot of time just sitting around as the dreaded lergy has made its way to me having already visited Kate.
 An autumn cold I guess it is and it scuppered my plans to work in the garden and also to do a little doll clothes sewing and knitting.

Never mind , it was a pleasant weekend to do not much of anything and the sun was obligingly warming the couch where I sat and drank tea and read magazines and books
and if not much was asked of me I didn't get too grumpy.

Ferne , however is still waiting on clothes
 though the time spent being idle has changed what I had planned for her clothes 
so we will how it goes when I am ready to work.

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  1. HI!!!! I love your dolls!!!! They are wonderful!!!! Thank You


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