Ferne, ready for a new home

11 Apr 2014

Here is Ferne.

First of all, a little story about the photos. 
The original photos were taken earlier today and when I went to transfer them to the computer they went...poof, who knows where so these are night time pictures, the best I could manage because I really wanted to get this post up today. I will see if I can get some more tomorrow.

So now to my sweet precious Ferne.
Ferne is made using my Sweet Child pattern and as such is slender and delicate in proportions.
I feel that she is the epitome of what I set out to create with this pattern.
The first Sweet Child doll was created exactly 4 years ago, if you want to see the evolution of this style of doll you can look here.

The Sweet Child is an ode the elegance of the child who has emerged from toddlerdom and preschool days into the enchanted years of childhood.
 The body transforms from the sweet roundness and softness of the early years and an elegant butterfly  magically appears, long limbs and a face wide eyed with the wonder of the world.

Ferne is a 17" doll and of course made from all natural materials, cotton knit skin, wool stuffing, hand embroidered face.
Her hair is mohair weft crocheted into a wig.

She is wearing a Japanese cotton lawn dress with a clover leaf print, very full and comfortable, caught at the wrists with elastic. the dress closes with shell buttons down the back.
Her hand knit pinafore is and hand spun and hand dyed woollen yarn and she has two  ladybird buttons on the straps.

Her hat and boots are hand knit from a Malabrigo Rios yarn in muted garden shades.

Ferne and her clothes are fully hand washable.You can gently comb and style her hair.

I feel Ferne would be best suited to a child aged over 5 years or a grown up who is still a child at heart.

If you would like to give Ferne a home she is $555 USD plus shipping. 

Email me at littlejennywrendolls@live.com.au

This offer will remain open for 24 hours after which time I will contact you by email if your name has been drawn to buy Ferne.

Ferne has found a home, thank you

Thanks so much for your interest and support, I appreciate it so much and love having the opportunity to share the creations of my hands and heart with you.

Oh and once again, I apologise for the quality of the photos.

4 Responses to “Ferne, ready for a new home”

  1. When a person loves something…it's just what they do. who they are. You can't really step away from it for long I think.

    1. I never intended to step away just slow down and allow some other things in, things I have neglected or said no to because of my dolly addiction. It's so true what you say, when you love something it's what you do, what you are.

  2. I really loved looking at the progression of your work. You have warmed so many hearts (both big and little) with your beautiful dolls over the years. Just think of how many everlasting friendships you have created! <3

    1. I love to think about all the dolls and the lives they lead in their families all over the world. I love being a small part of so many lives.


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