dolls and people

22 Apr 2014

It's true, my dolls are bought as much by adults for themselves as they are for children
 and it has always been this way.

A doll fulfills many needs and touching the soul of the child within us is one of the most important
 regardless of our age.

When I used to take my dolls to markets to sell I loved watching the faces of the people who came past. You could see it as soon as it happened, mostly with women but occasionally with men too, a gentleness, a warmth, a slow soul touching smile would appear on their faces.
 My dolls dressed in the fabrics of childhood, sturdy cottons, soft corduroy, neat ginghams and hand knitted woollies, transported them to that place where they felt the eternal sunshine of childhood when summer days were long, winter days were cosy, most things felt better with a cuddle from mum and dad always knew how to fix everything, Granny loved them no matter what and having your favourite meal cooked for dinner made even the dreariest day a celebration.

Not everyone has memories of a sunshine childhood I know and for some a doll is a way of making a new childhood, the one they wished they had, feeding and nurturing the child who somehow wasn't acknowledged or treasured.

dolls by Mariengold, FR dolls, Fairywool dolls, Ineke Grey and  

I collect dolls, I love them. 
I don't have thousands but each of the dolls I have has spoken to me in a way that makes me happy or makes me want to protect them.
 I had that sunshine childhood and I have that golden start within me to share, through my work as a dollmaker, through the mothering of my children,
 by sharing my love of childhood memories, books, toys and games.

It makes me so happy that people of all ages love my work and the work of my colleagues.
 I am happy that I was lead to make functional dolls, dolls who can be played with, have their clothes changed and their hair styled,
 dolls that are made from natural materials that over time show the love they have been given.

Looking through Pinterest at the Waldorf style dolls, the natural dolls, the rag dolls fills me with wonder at the time, energy and love that goes into this work 
and the appreciation of lovers of this style of doll,
 a fan base that has grown amazingly in recent years,
 is just such a wonderful thing, 
it makes me love being a dollmaker even more.

6 Responses to “dolls and people”

  1. Jenny, this is beautiful. Thanks for writing it!

  2. This is a beautiful post. I especially like it when you say you want to protect them. I love finding dolls and fixing them up and giving them a home. Your dolls are lovely. Thank you for sharing your photos of them.

  3. Love your post surely understand us doll fans....I have always love seeing your dolls here. Those you create and others you well as books and other things you share. I would loved to own one of your sweet dolls,but with my budget...I most likely never will...I can always come here and visit and be blessed by seeing and reading what you have to shared thanks for that my dear dolly friend :) Blessings

  4. Oh, Jenny! Once again you have spoken directly to my soul!

    My inner child remembers sunshine days and cozy winters; my childhood was mostly sweetness and my few sorrows were mitigated by loving family! Dolls, especially sweet, handmade dolls in natural materials, bring that sweetness into view, close enough to touch; if only for a moment!

    I have one of your sweet little dolls, and someday I hope to have a Jammy Kiss of my own! Thank you for sharing your sweet, gentle spirit with us, once again! The world is brighter because you are in it! <3

  5. Such a lovely and heartfelt post, Jenny. You touch what each of us who makes dolls feels: the joy of acknowledging the child within us :-)



  6. I am one of those that didn't have a sunshine childhood. When I first saw your dolls, they touched that place in me.


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