Celia, maybe you know her

16 Apr 2014

Inspired by this picture in my delightful  1930s Jenny Wren Story Book
Celia is coming together.

She seems to be quite a naughty one, not on purpose naughty , well maybe sometimes, but more curious and needing to test the rules, a little, most of the time.

She is the one with the Tam, can you see her reaching out to touch the flowers that the big boy is holding , maybe he is her big brother.
You know her already,
you have met a little someone just like her I know.

It's Celia.

2 Responses to “Celia, maybe you know her”

  1. Oh Jenny your dolls are so lovely! I first followed your Blog when my girls were smaller, and just happened to re-discover you today. I'm so looking forward to reading through your archives and catching up with you. Blogland's amazing isn't it?! Greetings from Scotland by the way!

  2. Could that sprinkling of freckles on her nose be any cuter?! Lovely as always.


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