Celia and her tam

18 Apr 2014

Celia, has a Scottish granny, Grannie Creighton.
When she is going to visit  Grannie, Celia likes to wear something tartan but Grannie isn't fussed
She just wants to see her Celia no matter what she is wearing, though she is partial to red shoes.

Last time she visited her Grannie, 
Celia was given a present 
and she thinks she should wear it again this time to show how much she loves it 
because she does and she loves Grannie too

But  Celia  doesn't know where it is or where to look.
She wore it when she was picking mushrooms
She wore it when she was chasing the puppy all around the garden.

She wore it when she helped Dad build the bonfire
and when she  borrowed a bike from the boy next door
And... Celia can almost remember wearing it when she was hiding from mummy when it was her turn to do the washing up.

But where is it now... ummm...

oh that's right
 in the treehouse behind the big treasure box of  lollies and comics.

It's the tam that Grannie knitted.
Now there will be lots of Grannie cuddles and maybe a special cream tea.

Celia will be available by auction tomorrow at 11am AEST
You can check you time zone here

Celia is 17" tall, a My Big Dolly style doll.
She is wearing a super soft baby cord dress trimmed with tartan and featuring a battenburg lace collar.
She has white cotton socks and knitted woollen mary jane shoes with a wooden flower button.

And of course she has her lovely tam knitted from a woollen yarn and a wool/silk/angora mix yarn.

Her hair is Tibetan lambskin, she is made from a cotton knit skin fabric and wool stuffing.

Celia and her clothes are fully handwashable.
She is not recommended for children aged three years and younger and would most suit those aged six year and above as well as adult collectors.

Here is the link to my Indiecart shop and the auction

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