the start

21 Mar 2014

Caela at dawn
picture from winter 2013

the early morning is mine
the darkness that slowly turns to light and becomes Friday is mine
I sit here answering messages and emails and sipping coffee
I sit here organising my daily list in my head and drinking coffee

then it's 6.45 and time to wake Kate
she disappears to shower, I finish my coffee and write to you
nothing more is needed from me in the morning routine, I am the human alarm clock and then the rest is up to them. such a change from a few short years ago with three school age children to get up and get going, always uniform bits and pieces to find, lunches to be made, forms to sign, things to remember that filled my head with school stuff rather than my own thoughts.

now I sit on the couch and knit and listen as Kate and Stephen get up and get ready for school and work, sometimes I'm needed, mostly I'm not.
It's a gentler start to the day.
 it's a very luxurious, lazy start.

4 Responses to “the start”

  1. LOVE. I am currently in the thick of intense parenting of young little ones (7,5,3,2 and a NB due anyway now) and currently the knitting or the doll making is squeezed in the small and short corners of my day in-between mothering, snacks, meals, cleanup, you know the routine. We also homeschool, so although we have no forms to fill out and such, we do, do ALL the school work--- so obviously that is a huge responsibility. But mornings are also my time--- I'm a morning person and i love the quiet stillness and sacred time before everyone arises.
    I can see I am in good company!

    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}

  2. wow Jenny, how times change. I wonder did you ever imagine there would be mornings like this? Did you wonder how you would feel when you weren't needed in a practical/physical way? Has it been an easy transition for you? One that has just gradually evolved or have you had to readjust your thinking regarding your role?
    So many questions, I'm just so nosey and so very interested in human nature I guess.
    cheers Kate

    1. It started with Kate wanting to make her own lunch and Stephen complaining about the lunch I had made for him.Both boys had left home at this stage. I decided if Stephen didn't like what I made, he should make his own. If I were going out of the house to work he would make his own lunch so that was that. I have had to train myself to stay out of the kitchen though because if he sees me hanging around he starts hinting that he needs help with his lunch,lol. I think the transition has been hardest for him. So it was actually quite cut and dry. Kate is very organised and gets a lot done before she goes to school, Stephen continues to be quite disorganised after more than two years of the new routine and I stay well out of the way and we are all happy.

    2. I'm chuckling away here, that is gold Jenny. I'm sure he wishes he'd never complained lol.


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