20 Mar 2014

I love simple embroidery, outlining in back stitch.
Probably because that's the kind of embroidery I am best at. 
I would love to be a great embroiderer and I know it's mostly practise but my hands are always so busy with other things I am happy to just keep outlining things in pretty colours.

I like writing things in stitches too


and sometimes I like to make my drawings into embroidery.


And sometimes, like right now, I realise I should do more of this, 
this stitching of my thoughts in my own handwriting.
It's a good thing.

2 Responses to “stitches”

  1. Oh!!! Just lovely!!! i just noticed that the little girl is holding her pin! How wonderfully sweet!


  2. I love the beautiful simplicity of it. Maybe even I, a non-sewer could do this? I'll google "back stitch", thanks Jenny.


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