16 Mar 2014

Saragh, an Irish girl in her simple homespun linen night gown. I am in the process of making her clothes, her dress, her pinnie, her shawl, her stockings, her boots...

4 Responses to “Saragh”

  1. Your doll have caracter! NICE!
    Kiss from Serbia,

  2. Love her green eyes, and her hair held back with the green ribbon.

  3. So sweet dear mama!! When you say homespun... did you weave her clothing? I just bought a loom and am learning some new tricks..... so far the linens i've made are a little bit... um... chunky??!! LOL, if you have any pointers i'd love them! And as always... wonderful work!

    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}

    1. Hi Samantha, the fabric is not woven by me but it has a slubby irregular texture which some call a homespun look. I imagine that the family of this little Irish girl may have woven their own cloth or only been able to buy or barter for homespun fabrics.


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